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Verotica Events 8.28.21



Gurrrrl… it’s time to rip off your clothes, along with those ugly face masks, and get back to the dance floor. It’s a sad day for Miss V. Because she was getting more action, being covered up, and “socially distanced”.

Come cheer her up and give her the equal opportunity she deserves mask-less or not. Join Verotica and sweaty, sexy, temptation fulfilling Dan De Leon from Miami, yummm!

Celebrate our return to our first event (after who knows why) and bring out your feminine side. We want to see your nails did, hair done right… along with your best Bend & Snap™ at our return to First & Bell. Speaking of getting nailed, for the first time EVER, we are bringing you TWO stages to really nail down the dance floors.

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